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    November 24, 2011


    Arpi Shively

    Hi Leftbanker, thanks for your comments. Yup, callos is right up there (down there?) with oysters for me. And oysters are like The Beatles - everyone goes mad for them but when you really think about them...

    Anyway, happy eating, I'll try and find a new foodstuff to post about soon. All the best, Arpi

    Arpi Shively

    Hi Steve, I know, long time - but what with studies and other blogs I write, other jobs...I'll try to be more regular in future. Talking of which, your callos experiences sound dreadful!

    Sorry you didn't find the Head Camel (affectionate joke, Gym) in. I should say that these days she likes to make an appointment to be there. (+34) 669 741 059 is the number. Hope you get back here sometime! All the best, Arpi

    Steve Capelin

    May to November. I'm a patient blogger. Love spain - spent a few weeks in Niguelas last year. Found your friend's Camel Shop (can't remember the correct name)through your blog. Visited it twice but no one home either time. Your blog keeps me remembering a special place.

    My father was a tripe and offal MAN (italian heritage/country boy. Mum wasn't Spanish (or Italian) unfortunately so it was not a taste treat.Boiled and served in a white sauce. Never had it since.


    My butcher (with whom I have a better relationship than I do with most of the members of my immediate family) sells a tripe casserole, tureen style, which I buy from time to time. My Spanish girlfriend bought it for me the first time (she would never touch the stuff) because she just liked to watch me eat. It was like I was a circus freak called “John, the amazing carnivore” and for 1€ children could poke me with a stick through my cage. There are many foods I eat simply out of tradition (or machismo?). Oysters were a ritual when I lived on both the east and west coasts of America. I can’t really say if I like them or not but I like the idea of eating them for some strange reason. I’d say the same thing about callos.

    Arpi Shively

    Hi Maureen, thanks for your reply, hope you're finding Spain tastier these days? All the best, Arpi

    Maureen Dolan

    Eeeeeuuuuuy! Tripe is just offal! (Sorry). I can´t stand the smell of it, though I´m quite happy to let people love it. I imagine the more playful the better, and it is of national interest to know what is the stripe of Rajoy´s tripe! Great article, lots of wit.

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