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    To see other delicious shots of Spain, just click on the garlic! Fred's work is available for sale in limited edition prints, matted and signed by him. Prices start at €60 for a matted A4 size print, in colour or black and white. Please email me at and I'll be happy to help you. 02/12/2008 14:13


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Enlightening writing from Andalucia


I´m a rare Armenian triplet, born in London far back enough to have worn hotpants the first time around.

After blundering about on the edges of a writing career for some years, via sales, secretarial and scriptwriting forays on both sides of the Atlantic, I made an accidental pilgrimage to mountainous inland Andalucia, with my husband (a photographer) and our dog (a dog).

Now we´re doing just enough writing and photography to keep us in chewy Serrano ham scraps washed down with rough-as-rocks Rioja, and I will blog for food.


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