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August 17, 2010


Lori Theriault

Sounds like a plan yes, and hardly a day goes by that I'm not wondering "what can I do to get closer to my month in Spain w/Fred & Arpi?" ... fig tarts, that's the ticket!! I'm emailing you now for the recipe as our little fig tree is in danger of having all figs eaten as they ripen! xo

Joanna Biddolph

I'd love the fig tart recipe, too, please. I'm having supper with friends next weekend (4th Sept). They are hosting but I've offered to bring the pud. This sounds absolutely right. And I'm salivating, just on your intro!

Many thanks!



Dear Lori,

Ill send you the recipe - you make hundreds of fig tarts, sell them for exorbitant sums, then take a month off and come over. Sound like a plan?
x Arpi

Lori Theriault

I'd love that recipe. I'd love it even more if I could stand over your shoulder, in your kitchen, to help make a few! But I do know a fig tree soon to burst here, so I'll just have to settle for thinking you both while I give it a go (but one day...!)

helen bell

centipedes...i am never coming again. those are the kind of things that hide in your socks and burrow into your skin, only to appear from your ear hole six months later as a medium sized komodo dragon. yak.
Fred's tart look wonderful, much more proficient than my squished thing. i am embarrassed. and i now know why we always come to you for supper.

have fun Campo Gal

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