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July 11, 2012



Dear Maureen, thanks for your comment as ever. I do understand your thought about Spain not being an easy country to dream in, it is well said. Dreams here have to be tempered with all the stuff you know will happen - bureaucracy, misunderstandings, the big heat of summer. I hope you will be able to realise some of them though? By the way I would be happy to correspond via email if you wanted to supply your address.
All the best and thanks again, Arpy

Maureen Dolan

Arpi, this blog post is a little work of art. I love its evocative tone and the cave metaphor! Painfully, however, your post reminds me that I don´t inhabit the kind of "cave" I´d like to. While I love our flat, I dislike where it is and often wish I could transport it tal cual to somewhere open and green. I wish that externally it was white and covered in geraniums ... but most of all I wish that more dreams could come true in Spain. It´s not an easy country to dream in and I resent that. So, maybe it´s time for me to wake up, sell up and move on.


Hi Maureen, it's great to hear from you, in fact you inspired me to beat the big heat and write another post! I hope you'll carry on adapting to summer routines and pleasures, keep me in touch with your ideas!
All the best, Arpi

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